Welcome to the first Christian self improvement course that understands the real problems that you face.

How would your life be different if you had the inner strength and committment to do what you need to to when you need to do it?

"…they should make this course mandatory for everyone BEFORE they have a baby. They should have these skills in place before the damage is done." 

Understand that everyone has demons in their life that keep you from doing the things you know darned well you need to do. It's just that some people are better at controlling them than others. It's a special set of skills that self improvement and self help books just don't teach you.

If your life seems out of control, or if you have obstacles that you just can't seem to beat – Read on –  

Do any of these describe your life today?

*  Is your life full of chaos? 

*  House is a mess, and you can't seem to get control? 

*  You're lacking energy and motivation? 

*  Your eating habits are less than stellar, 

*  Yet you can't seem to do what you know you should do? 

*  You look in the mirror and think "That's not me"?

*  You're so tired that you think you can't even begin to think about doing things you know you would have to to improve your life?

Does this describe you?

* You’re intelligent, smart and hardworking.

* You always try to do your best.

* You always try to treat people with respect.

 *You’ve invested time and money in self help books, self improvement tapes, and motivational training. You get pumped up for a couple of days, but then it just wears off.

* You think you're doing all the things you’re supposed to do…but you just can’t seem to get anywhere.   

Could it be that you have demons working in your life?

One definition of “demon” in the The American Heritage Dictionary defines a demon as a “persistently tormenting person, force or passion.”

For real life application, I’m defining a demon as anything that destroys your faith in yourself and/or God, and prevents you from being all you were meant to be.

Many doctrines tell of a spiritual warfare, the war between good and evil The forces that battle for ownership of each individual. Many illustrations of the battle of your conscience show the devil and angel each trying to convince you that their way is best. Unfortunately, the real demons are not quite so obvious.

Demon #1- The Time Trapper

This is the biggest demon at work today. Overscheduled, never enough time to do all you have to do, too many demands on your time from people and other forces. This demon works hand in hand with –

Demon # 2 – Distractionor

This demon works to keep you from focusing on the things that would make your life better. It takes the form of TV, video games, chat rooms, email, the corner bar; anything to thwart your productivity.

Demon #3 – Adversor

From time to time, the adversity demon rears its ugly head to finally drive you over the edge into hopelessness and despair. Often referred to as the straw that broke the camel's back.

Demons #4 – Liars

These are the demons who feed on you when you are in your most desperate state. The pill pushers (disguised as doctors and drug manufacturers), the get rich quick schemers,  and all sorts of other liars who will take your money and lead you down a path to destruction.

Demon #5 – The Spirit Crusher

This is the demon who tells you that you will never be able to find your way out. That you need to accept this despair and desperation as your way of life because that is what you deserve. That you are not good enough to expect anything better.

Demon #6 – The Attitudinator

This demon is the most insidious and the sneakiest. He will drive important people out of your life and ruin career prospects, all while making you feel justified in your miserableness. He will make you a magnet for all things bad.

The state of your life right now is not your fault. It is part of a much bigger plan to weaken and destroy us and to make us totally dependent so we will do exactly what we are told.   

You must defeat the demons!

Reading a book, or attending a weekend event is not going to work for the long haul.

Demons are pervasive and persistent. 

The Good News is - 

When we live our lives the way God intended, life becomes easier, more peaceful, and more enjoyable. 

Isn't that what your heart yearns for?

It takes time and practice to build your character and resolve to withstand these assaults. Like any exercise, the more you do it, the stronger you become.

That’s why I created Beating The Demons. The only self-improvement course of it’s kind. Everyday you receive an exercise, working on all areas of your life – and the life you want to have – for an entire year. Its not just a self improvement book that gets you pumped for a few days and wears off. It’s with you everyday.

One day at a time-

You will get stronger every day. You will think, plan, and control your life.

No more living in haphazard chaos and suffering the consequences – the stress, the fat, the poor health, the overwhelm, depression, guilt, …

This very unique course uses your every day struggles as the lesson. You'll work on your attitude, clean your house, plan menus, learn how to gain cooperation, work on your finances, and so much more. For once, you will have more control of your life. 

You'll start every day by opening up your lesson that will be there to greet you in your email every morning. Everyday you will work on improving your life. Step by step – one day at a time. The only way that is proven to work long term.

The weekly lesson packages are in pdf format for the highest quality. It contains all of your lessons and daily planners for the week so you can plan ahead. You can print them out and use them anytime you need to. Many students print them on 3-hole punch paper and keep them in a 3-ring binder. Each weekly package is like a stand alone ebook, with the added benefit of having email access to me if you have any questions, or you need a little encouragement.

You will learn to manage your time and defeat negative thinking. Everyday, getting stronger and more confident.  Nothing is hard to accomplish. The hardest part will be having the discipline to open the email everyday and do the exercise. Nothing will work if you don’t put in the effort, right?

Remember, you are learning a new set of skills. It takes daily practice until it becomes natural for you.

There's nothing like it anywhere-

This course is so different, that the best thing you can do for yourself is to try it for just $1 for the first month. If you decide it’s not for you, simply cancel your subscription before the end of the 30 days. If you decide that this is exactly the kind of help you’ve been looking for, its just $4.99 a week. 

 See Screenshot of Daily Lesson and Daily Planner >>>

The lessons are set up for gradual growth. You decide how long you want to stay with it. The first 26 weeks are focused on improving life in general – getting in control. The second 26 weeks are for people who are not satisfied and want to reach much bigger goals. People who want to build businesses, make a lot more money, or establish a bigger dream. And I won't lie, the second 26 weeks take a lot of discipline and work. But if you master the first 26 weeks, you'll already have the skill you need to keep growing. You decide how far you want to go.

You can beat the demons-

* Live a calmer, more relaxed life

* Feel better about yourself

* Feel better about your relationships

* Provide a better environment for your family

* Take better care of yourself

* Reach for better things in your life

* Work towards reaching bigger goals

Live a balanced life, paying attention to all areas of your life – not letting one area of your life upset the other areas of your life. Leave no door open for the demons.

Be the happy, fulfilled person you were meant to be.

Try it for just $1 now >>>


Remember, if you decide that you don’t want to continue, just cancel before the end of the first 30 days and you will not be billed. After that, you can quit at anytime during the course and all billing will stop.

See you Monday!


Do you still have questions that I didn't answer? Just send them to me here >> carole@commonsenseliving.com 

P.S. The prices are a market test. As more and more people take advantage of the personalized feedback, I may be forced to raise prices, or close down enrollment. Don't put it off and change being disappointed again. 


What former students have said - 

This course has helped me to focus more in the last several months than my whole life and the insights that I've gained is invaluable. God bless you.



For whatever reasons I am more motivated and am DOING! It's amazing how your course is making me think about things like exercise and eating right and doing things besides working every single day. It's very motivating.

All the best,




Some of the ideas in the recent Lessons I have already learned. All of them are right on, and very valuable. I was just thinking the other day, they should make this course mandatory for everyone BEFORE they have a baby. They should have these skills in place before the damage is done. I know that isn't realistic, but, if they "got it" it would sure save some emotional damage to the children, and maybe even some marriages. It's great!

This material is excellent, and I really look forward to the next one. I have not found a single scrap that I disagreed with. I am so curious about what will be coming in the future!

Mary Porter

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I think the topics that are being addressed are very pertinent to anyone attempting to make a solid and lasting change in their lives. I believe, as many self-development experts that I have read have stated, that the only real change occurs when you change the little things that you do – the habits of being. I also believe that real change can occur only when you have a mindfulness of what you are doing all day. It appears to me that you are addressing these very issues with the course. I will work harder to stay current with the work. I find myself looking forward to finding out what each day's focus will be – the daily nature of the correspondence, I believe, fosters the mindfulness I mentioned. Overall, I'm very impressed with the course so far!

Joel S. Roberts


It's so important to develop goals and plans that will bring you freedom from your struggles.

We can all do it, if we want it badly enough. I also want to say that your course, Beating the Demons, is a great way to free yourself from whatever is holding you back. It's helped me gain a lot of personal insight and develop new perspectives on things.

Thanks for all the motivation you provide in your ezine. We all need it! I also love the tips you give.



"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams!

Live the life you've imagined.

As you simplify your life, the laws of the universe will be simpler."

-Henry David Thoreau







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