And so it begins – the persecution of Christians

Meriam-IbrahimMeriam Ibrahim has done what many of us will be called to do. Will you be able to do it?

She has refused to deny her faith in God, even though it means her death, and most likely the death of her newborn child.

Meriam Ibrahim may not be a United States citizen, but she seems to know more about courage than the administration leading them. Three times, the Sudanese mother of two was asked to deny her faith — and three times she refused. Now, she and her toddler American son and newborn American daughter lie in a bug-infested prison cell — a victim of the real war on women this President refuses to acknowledge.

While U.S. liberals fight for “women’s health care,” their leader is letting a 27-year-old mother give birth to a premature baby girl in a dirty overcrowded jail without medical attention. If that’s “championing women’s rights,” then the international community should consider itself warned. The same politicians who promised not to “close their eyes” on women’s needs are obviously too busy fighting for free birth control and universal abortion to hear the cries of a two-day old baby girl, whose Christian mother is just months away from being flogged and hanged.

Shame on them, writes Peter Roff. This woman’s faith “is a testament to the kind of courage sorely lacking among those [Americans] who purport to speak for women all over the world. They have not the courage of their convictions, at least as far as Meriam Ibrahim is concerned.” Fortunately for these little children, the American people are rising up to do what the Obama administration has not: demand their release.

Thousands of miles away from the Khartoum nightmare, congressional leaders are scrambling to respond. With the White House and State Department dragging their feet,Rep. Trent Franks (R-Ariz.) is filling the void, planning to introduce a resolution calling on the administration to act. U.S. Congressman Frank Wolf (R-Va.), one of the House’s champions for religious liberty, chimed in, appealing for Meriam’s release and leaning on the President to offer her “safe haven.” “The clock is ticking,” he warned.

And not just on the death sentence — but on the children’s livelihood as well. At this time of year in Sudan, the U.N. has warned in the past that infant mortality rates in prison are as high as one child per day. The urgency of the situation can’t be overstated. Under Franks’s bill, Congress is condemning the charges against Meriam, calling for the family’s “immediate and unconditional release,” urging the Departments of State and Homeland Security to grant asylum or refugee status, and encouraging the efforts by the U.S. government to support religious liberty in Sudan. As Columbia Law School’s Rebecca Hamilton pointed out, the crisis is a dire one for every Christian. “In this decision, we see just how precarious life is for non-Muslims in Sudan. Even if international outrage ultimately leads to her pardon, the message to non-Muslims is clear: You are not safe here.”

It’s time for President Obama to stop hiding behind proclamations and press statements and do something. “If hashtags are the best the world’s only remaining superpower can do when confronted with an incident like this,” Roff explains, “then we probably need to rethink our position in the world and seriously consider just who it is we want to be America’s next commander-in-chief.” Meriam Ibrahim stared down death and chose God. It’s time our nation chose to stand with her. Join the movement. Sign our White House petition to pressure the Obama administration to act.

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Now bear in mind that Satan certainly won’t want to reward a Christian. He is interested in abortion, gay marriage, and all things that directly go against God’s teachings. Our current henchman is working the agenda he has been given. He seems to have less conscience and less soul with each passing year, doesn’t he? That fast rise to power came with a hefty price.

I pray that Jesus gives us the strength we will need to do what we need to do.

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