I had a real AHA moment

Christ teaching in the Temple

Christ teaching in the Temple (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There are all of these Law of Attraction coaches all over the place these days.

The Bible refers to them as “New Age” teachers, and warns us to stay away.

But I’m finding there are some truths in what these people are teaching.

Jesus says that when you pray, believe that you have received it and give thanks. That is what the new age thinkers are teaching.

So, I have been praying about how to do this. I’ve rarely been able to have that kind of faith.

Today I was led to some videos. This one in particular gave me a real aha moment. I’ll let you watch it, and then I’ll tell you what my aha moment was.


I’ve often questioned how we got to this place where no one has enough and we have to work so many hours, and succumb to circumstances that take us away from families, make us work on the Sabbath in order so survive, and makes our lives just a continual struggle just to keep a roof over our head and food on the table.

When she said, “It’s all a lie.” I got it!

This is Satan’s world. This is how he keeps us all down and in despair. How he eats away at our faith.

Our God has no lack or limitations.

God tells us over and over again that he will feed our needs. All we have to do is live within the word.

LilyHe tells us that the lilies of the field do not worry about what they are going to wear, yet they are beautiful.

He tells us that if we tithe, our warehouses will be overflowing.

He tells us to trust in him and believe.

What a glorious world it would be if we would just do what God tells us to do.

I’m going to be working on it.


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