The Demons Are Angry

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Boy, can you believe the gaul of Clinton supporters?

“broken nose and fractured eye socket”

“the violent pro-Clinton group destroyed the few possessions she had.”

“and then began giving him a blizzard of punches and kicks,” Breitbart informed. “This detour into political thuggery turned out to be an ill-considered distraction from their more urgent business of transporting 54 bags of heroin and avoiding multiple arrest warrants. They now have third-degree assault charges added to their dockets.”

“She drove him off by threatening him with pepper spray, but he came back, according to Ctatlici, threw her to the ground, and began punching her. She did indeed use the pepper spray to defend herself. The police did not make any arrests on the scene, but Ctatlici said she intends to press charges.”

The news is full of this stuff. I even heard today that many of the protesters are paid!

Satan’s crowd wanted things to continue down the path we were headed.

We had barely enough people, and the electoral college to ward this off for at least a little while. Trump was put in office by the rural vote. People who still believe in values. But our numbers are diminishing.

While we bought some time, we all know where things are headed. Its just nice to be able to breathe a little for a while. Hopefully we can restore some law and order an maintain family values for at least a little while…

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