Who’s sheep are you?

We’re all sheep. The question is – who is your shepherd?

So many people live in a reactive mode. (or puppet mode?)

For the most part, your work schedule is decided for you.

That means what time you get up and what time you go to bed is somewhat predetermined.There are variables depending on whether you have kids or dogs, or you workout in the morning, but most of your life revolves around getting to work on time.

The work you do during the day is decided for you. Even if you’re the CEO. Everyone has someone they answer to – whether it be customers, bosses, or shareholders.

Then you get home, where your time is your own. No one is telling you what to do when.

You might flip on the TV where they tell you what to think, what to eat, and how you should conform.

The media and social media are plastered with Satan’s agenda.

Without a clear set of instructions, most people choose to do nothing substantial with their ‘free’ time.

Homes are dirty, cluttered, and tension filled.

Children rule the roost. Parents are too afraid their kids won’t love them if they dare to discipline.

The food they eat is devoid of nutrients, making them overweight and lacking the energy or motivation to do anything. Not to mention that this fake food is filled with chemicals that God never intended for us to eat. That’s not what our bodies need.

Things we never used to hear of are now common place – cancer, heart disease under age 50, ‘old people diabetes’ in children…

The resulting health care crisis is costing both ordinary citizens and taxpayers millions and millions of dollars. Money that could be spent doing much better things – if only people would eat the food that God gave us.

The current trend in agriculture and ‘profits over people’ threatens to wipe out real food. GMO crops are invading non-GMO crops. And GMO crops are building immunity to pesticides, requiring the use of more and more chemicals on our food. The long term outlook is not good.

Oh, but there’s a pill for everything. Big Pharma would have everyone on prescription meds. Profits before People.

The news is filled with protests about travel bans. What they aren’t telling you is in Germany and Sweden where they have taken in thousands of refugees, they now have a rape problem. We thought terrorism was the only problem, right? We should be fighting for evil to freely come in?

We have people protesting removing illegal immigrants with criminal records. This is a bad thing?

Gay marriage, transgender bathrooms…

Even Church leaders are banging the drums.

All I can do is shake my head and think, “For those who have eyes, let them see.”

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